Up Coming Shows

Feb 28 Carolina Beach NC at the Lazy Pirate

March 1st Calico Room with Bad News Beers

March 2nd 42nd Tavern with Shinobi Ninja (nyc)

March 5th Whiskey w/ Raccoon Hunter(indie NYC) and The Bottom Dollarsy(NYC)

March 15th Adventure land Greensboro house party

March 17th The Whiskey St. Patrick's Day Party

March 18 at Ortons with Paper Dolls

New Shirt and Pin Logo!
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New New Madd Band Mates! Monty Sax and John Eric On Trumpet. Nash on Drums & Frenchy on Bass

Jake Ecker and Nick Chambers are working on new endeavors and we wish them the best!

Album 3 on the way for the new year!

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